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The Taste of Lagos

Have you ever wondered about some of the delicious local snacks you consumed as a child… Well, this is where the story of Yoede™ started.

Reminiscing over a Lagosian snack that we consumed back in the 70’s & 80’s. We sought to re-discover it and bring it up to the 21st century food standard. And then we discovered there were many more people like us. This led to the birth of the Yoede™ brand in February 2019.

Yoede™ (a brand of Yoyoede Foods) aims to promote indigenous food that has its heritage in Lagos (Isale Eko). Our core products are Yoyo” (small fish e.g. baby herring or whitebait), “Ede” (shrimps) and a homemade sweet chilli sauce.


Our product range also includes Crab, Tilapia, Calamari and other seasonal seafood. As one of the popular accompaniment to Yoyo & Ede, we
produce and sell Garri Ijebu.

Different regions of the world are synonymous with their foods: Amala is Ibadan; Ikokore is Ijebu; Iyan is Ekiti; Pasta is Italy; Fish & Chips is England; Curry is India etc. Similarly Lagos Island is synonymous with Yoyo and Ede.

Although eaten in other parts of the world, it is not prepared in the unique Lagos Island “Isale Eko” way. Yoede celebrates this Lagosian street food and re-introduce it to our regular menus. Yoede – “The Taste of Lagos”.


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